Twin “S” Continuous Blender


This mixer comprises a rotating shell eminently suited to the continuous production of large volumes of dry or slightly wetted powders. Blending and conveying actions are gentle and highly abrasive or fragile solids can be processed with minimum wear and degradation. The flow and mixing rate is determined by adjusting the slope of the machine towards the outlet. It is important to ensure a controlled flow of input materials to produce homogenous mixing.

__Twin S Continuous Blender_2


Very simple mechanical process

Can be fitted with spray nozzles

Outlet fitted with screen

Can be used for drying with hot air feed


Highly accurate

Gentle mixing action

Cost effective

High throughput

Models and Sizes

Model 360 5 t/hr 4.0 kW
Model 450 10 t/hr 5.5 kW
Model 520 15 t/hr 7.5 kW
Model 620 25 t/hr 11.0 kW
Model 680 35 t/hr 11.0 kW
Model 770 50 t/hr 22.0 kW

Applications and Uses





Food products