Double Cone Blender

This blender consists of a shallow cylinder enclosed at each end by a cone and rotated so that the contents flows from one cone to the other. As the drum rotates the plane of shear is always changing, while the sliding material is deflected from the conical surfaces at constant changing angles.  This two-fold action gives homogenous gentle mixing. An alternate option is also available on request that uses a ‘V’ type configuration for the tumbling cone arrangement.



Stainless steel shell
Crevice free interior
Cone angles designed to suit requirements
Cooling or heating jacket options
Cutting tools and lump breaker options


Gentle homogenous blending
Dust free running
Discharges completely
Easy to clean and decontaminate
Minimum maintenance

Model and Sizes

DC 2 40 litres 0.75 kW
DC 3 95 litres 0.75 kW
DC 4 160 litres 1.1 kW
DC 5 260 litres 1.5 kW
DC 6 400 litres 2.2 kW
DC 7 550 litres 4.0 kW
DC 8 800 litres 5.5 kW
DC 9 1125 litres 7.5 kW
DC 10 1500 litres 11.0 kW
DC 11 1900 litres 11.0 kW
DC 12 2900 litres 15.0 kW

Application and Uses

Flavours & Fragrances
Food Products

Powdered Detergents
Paints & Coatings
Metal Powders